Know Why You Win and Lose.

Win-Loss Analysis Improves Sales.

Petronio Insight helps technology and B2B leaders improve win rates and deepen consumer insight through competitive intelligence, win-loss analysis and buyer research.

What We DO

Petronio Insight delivers a broad range of competitive intelligence services to leading tech sector and B2B companies.
Win-Loss Analysis

Win-Loss Analysis

We help boost win rates by interviewing decision makers about you and your competitors, analyzing results and recommending improvements.

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Battlecards + Tools

Battlecards + Tools

We increase your sales effectiveness by arming sales and marketing teams with actionable data and proven attack plans to execute against your competition.

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Increase your knowledge of the customers and the vendors in the market with services such as competitive product analysis and competitor positioning.

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other interviews

other interviews

Our interview expertise extends beyond win-loss, from reference checks and VOC to post-deal sales team debriefs, in-flight deal interviews, and M+A intelligence.

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Why Win-Loss Analysis?

No one likes to lose a deal. But for many organizations the post-mortem begins and ends with an internal sales debrief. While these debriefs can generate important feedback, external win-loss consultants like Petronio Insight bring a fresh set of eyes and a proven methodology to win-loss analysis programs. We engage decision makers in candid, customized interviews, then apply sophisticated analytics to uncover the full story of why you lost. Or won. This valuable information can then drive improvements across the entire enterprise.
See our blog post on the value of external win-loss analysis programs vs. internal sales debriefs

Why Petronio Insight for Win-Loss Analysis?

Founder John Petronio is a long-time Win-Loss analysis leader. He built and ran BPM vendor Pegasystems' highly successful competitive intelligence program for a decade. That's why Magic Quadrant leaders in CRM, analytics, BPM, and cloud infrastructure, among others, leverage John's insider savvy and the Petronio Insight team's broad sector experience to beat the competition.

Win-Loss Analysis Software

Our secure, cloud-based, dashboard-driven platform supports the development, storage, analysis, and distribution of customer intelligence. Read transcripts, drill into charts, slice and dice your aggregate data, and more....

Kudos from a Client

"When you have a weapon like Petronio on your side, you will receive not only a factual review of the features and functions of your competitors, but also, a well thought out strategy to engage and beat them."


John's methodology for win-loss analysis programs led to exceptional insight and strategic recommendations for management. I would ask his help again in a heartbeat. He would bring value to any company in a very competitive market.

Aurelie Lepley

Product Marketing Executive, Adobe

It is not always easy to seek comprehensive competitive information when you find yourself in the middle of an extremely competitive sales situation, but when you have a weapon like Petronio on your side, then you will receive not only a factual review of the features and functions of your competitors, but also, a well thought out strategy to engage and beat them. He is just a wealth of knowledge who delivers a superb value to your Sales campaign.

Jorge Vidal

Sales Executive, ServiceNow

John Petronio is a top-notch competitive marketing and strategy professional. He develops extremely valuable competitive insight and knows how to take that insight, develop strategy, and implant that into the sales team.

Kevin McKenna

Alliances Executive, WIPRO