Our Win-Loss Analysis Programs

Don’t Lose a Sale Because You Lacked the Information to Close It.

Petronio Insight provides win-loss analysis programs and custom consulting solutions to leading B2B Tech sector companies, many of them Magic Quadrant leaders across CRM, analytics, BPM, cloud infrastructure, globalization, and web content management.

Deploying our time-tested win-loss process, Petronio Insight is with you every step of the way, from program design through interviewing, implementation, measurement, and, if appropriate, process change execution.  Our interactive win-loss analysis software provides you and your team with access to competitive insight, just-in-time.

A diagram explaining our win-loss analysis program

1. Sample We work with you to develop a custom questionnaire and select a statistically significant sample size of decision makers to interview.

2. Interview Our tech pros conduct thorough, probing interviews to elicit candid feedback about customer’s evaluation & selection criteria, competitor assessments, and product comparisons. (See an example interview).

3. Analyze Using a proprietary methodology, we analyze aggregate data to provide actionable intelligence on why you won or lost. Summary report includes recommendations on improving win rates.  Using our win-loss portal software, you can share your interviews and analysis with your stakeholders.

4. Implement Based on our findings we help you strategically drive change where it’s needed. Use our proprietary BattleCards to better target competitors.

5. Measure Use metrics to support the ROI of your win-loss program and prioritize the key competitors in your next round of interviewing.

Win-Loss Analysis Benefits

  • Increased Win Rates
    Win-Loss analysis has been shown to increase close rates by 10% or more
  • Increased Sales Effectiveness
    Our patented methodology and analysis, recommendations, and sales tools help your sales teams be significantly more effective
  • Improved Customer Retention
    Deeper knowledge of customer needs through detailed interviews results in improved retention by 20%
  • Superior Account Research
    Respondents share candid, unbiased information in blind interviews with executive interviewers, putting valuable intelligence in the hands of your team

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