Sample Win/Loss Interview (PDF) – This win-loss interview is a great example or template for those who wish to conduct their own interviews.

The subject of this interview is Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics. In this abridged research, we’ve changed the names of the vendors.  If you are interested in purchasing the full original interview (or other such research), please contact us.

We’ve incorporated several best practices regarding how the interview was conducted and summarized. This is a conversation between two knowledgeable participants regarding the subject matter that uncovers valuable insight.  The source is anonymized so that the respondent relaxes and opens up. For more best practices on interviewing and winloss analysis, please see our blogs, including the blog on win-loss questions and win-loss criteria.

This interview sample was produced with our win/loss portal. The portal allows us to fully customize the interview format for each client – we can include customer-defined charts and tables, different sections, different fonts, etc.

Sample Battlecard Template (PPTX) – This is an example battle card, a must have sales tool for enabling your sales team to compete.

We use various formats for battlecards and other sales tools. Our battlecards are typically delivered as part of a Petronio Insight Win/loss analysis program. 

If you are not familiar with what a battlecard is, please see our blog post on battlecards. 

Contact us for more information.